MAY 16, 2015 by David Potter
Whose Attitude Anyway ?
Category : Breaking Mindset

Viktor Frankl is a personal hero of mine. He was a Austrian Psychotherapist who has shaped the scientific and practitioner community involved in psychotherapy for the past 70 years. He developed a unique set of ideas that he named ‘Logotherapy’. For Frankl the reason we exist is to find our meanings and thus our purpose for existing. Frankl believed that humans can find meaning and purpose in the most extreme social conditions and in doing so we can locate the will to live and maximise our self esteem and physical, mental and emotional health. His guiding paradigm was that ultimately humans have free agency in any social situation to choose their attitudes. For Frankl other people don't make you adopt an attitude you elect to do so through your own free agency. This was  for Frankl true self power.

Viktor Frankl knows what he is talking about. He experienced the Nazi death camps first hand and survived four years in various concentration camps. He lost  his parents and his first wife to the Nazi murder machine. Yet he survived and he chose not to hate but to understand. In the concentration camps Frankl turned Hades playground into an action learning environment. Even though the Nazis had destroyed his pre war PhD thesis he scribbled a new one on scraps of paper that he collected. He developed new and innovative ideas through action research involving inmates, inmate guards and the Nazis who were coordinating wholesale murder on mass production scales.

Frankl noted that whilst one could not prevent ones demise at the hands of the more powerful what one could do was choose ones attitude towards the oppression and in doing so control ones choice of emotional state thus remain inI charge of ones choice of social strategy . If one follows this line of logic one then realises that our results are our results and no one else's. We own them. Also all social situations are potential learning opportunities and so have the seeds of meaning through which we can cultivate our purpose and thus our will to live. From this philosophy and chain of strategies Frankl wrote and published his seminal work ‘Mans Search for Meaning’ which had sold over 10 million copies and his approach to therapy labelled ‘Logo therapy’ has became firmly established as a global therapeutic philosophy and practice.
For me as a NLP practitioner I see many of Frankl’s  ideas imbedded in modern NLP. I know that :

1.I own my results
2.Resistance in others is a lack of rapport
3.There is no failure only feedback
4.The meaning perceived is the meaning I give off
5.I own my attitude no one can make me adopt one over another
6.I can choose my emotional  state
7.If my strategy is not working only I can can change it
8.Only I can import meaning into situations
9.People all do the best that they can with the resources they have at the time of acting.
10.People always act with positive intentions regardless of my own model of behaviour.
11.My model of the world is not superior to that of others
12.I will always respect the world view of others and not judge them but seek to understand their models.

The framework above is the model I use to guide my life and it is from within this model that I can help you break the mind set that is limiting your potential. Using proven NLP methods and drawing on the above ideas I can turn your limiting beliefs into high performance capabilities. This I can do because we are all authors of our own life story and artists to our meaning systems and the agents behind our attitudes, social strategies, related behaviours and thus our results. Together we can break the mind set that is holding you back and producing negative results that you want to stop receiving.


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